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Dictionary and bookreader soft

Is there any dictionnary software which can use my *.DSL I've already got?

Is there any .fb2 readers which I can use dictionnary from (to look up for a unknown word)?

AndroidOS 2.2 is Mine!

I woke up this morning to the notification that, during the night, the Nexus had downloaded the long awaited AndroidOS 2.2 upgrade (Yes, it has, like all operating systems, a cute name. I have now made a policy of avoiding names in operating systems across the board. They're only confusing...and I blame Apple for this (Leopard and Snow Leopard?? What were you folks smoking????). The update was announced on 29 June.

The most waited for new features was the ability to teather the phone. I have yet to test that. Memory management was very much improved. Speed is also said to be improved, but I never know if my speed issues are the phone or the network. I will say that the most disappointing app I've had, in terms of speed, has been the Gmail app. I think I detected a good improvement there, but I'll have to continue to monitor it.

The calendar UI seems to have been tweaked a bit to allow a better and more accurate view in month mode.

All in all, not a bad 4th of July present from Google. :-)

Rooting Android...

Hi! Long time listener, first time caller. :-) Heck, I'm not a total stranger, I even know someone here!

I'm wondering where I can get details on "rooting." I have a Nexus One that I got a little over a month ago having been driven away from the iPhone with Apple's policies. I'm sure you all know that drill.

The main purpose for rooting my Nexus would be to gain teathering ability. The issue is that while I'm comfortable enough to do this (long time Linux person who manages servers for a living), some of the terminology has me confused, as well as what may be the long-term ramifications of rooting the device.

I get the impression that rooting the OS and installing a different image are separate things, even if they usually seem to be done together. I'm not interested at this point in installing a different image like Cynogen (I'm typing this offline so I'm not sure of the spelling). I'm just interested in gaining root access over the current image. Virtually all of the instructions I've seen on the net seem to combine the two activities, but I get the impression that they are separate. Does this make sense? How can this be done?

The other concern I have is the long term aspects of upgrading the Nexus OS-wise once it is rooted. Depending on who you believe we're a few weeks away from the OTA release of Android 2.2. Will this OTA upgrade still work if I root the device, to say nothing of installing a different image (one of the reasons I'm not interested in doing that as yet)?

Thanks, folks!


Anyone here?  I just got the Motorola Cliq and I'm looking for an LJ community to discuss the Android platform.  This community seems pretty dead though -- anyone out there?

Feb. 25th, 2009

Hello! I just received my Developer G1 and have been playing around with it for a couple hours. I'm about to crash (long day...) but I wanted to ask a couple questions that have already popped up:

1) I don't see to have the Amazon MP3 store on my phone. And I haven't been able to find it in the Marketplace to download. What gives?

2) How do you "quit" an application that has behavior that lasts after you "exit" the UI for that app? I hope there's a way to manage that so you're not left just hoping that every single developer of every app you install has gotten it right.

Thanks! :)

RC33, Root, and Wifi

Anyone else out there tinkering with these things and want to compare notes?


I'm so surprised to see that there aren't more android/g1 communities here on lj! So glad I found you guys. I hope more people join.

I've had my phone since launch and I just love it. My last phone was a Wing and it was just awful compared to this. I love seeing all the apps that have been coming out, even though I have no use for most of them, the ideas are great. Lots of potential, which is what sold me in the first place. A little bummed about the game selection, but to be honest, I've never played many games on my phone. I've got the internet to occupy me while I'm waiting for things, right?

I Have A Robot In My Pocket

Well hay thar, droidheads!

Just thought I'd join this community (as small as it is right now) to help me connect with other people who love their little green robots. Got myself a snazzy new G1 yesterday, and I've already filled it up with awesome.

Oh, and since it came with RC28 and I haven't gotten the new update pushed to me yet (I've heard there was a problem with manual updating for people who use the SD Card it came with), so I've rebooted it by typing "reboot" about three times. It's so fun.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Also, question for Our Glorious Moderator: since the G1 is the only droidphone out yet, are we allowed to discuss issues related to it even though it's not software? At least until another one gets released.

Android Software

Hello dear community members!

Welcome to this group and feel free to post here the latest news about Android and software dedicated for Android. So, hope this group will become active very soon.

I've found tons of Android software and we can use it as our initial source.

Keep cool